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Welcome to Art Pro! If you're an artist wanting to take your art practice to the next level and dreaming of making a living doing it, you've found the right place


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Ep.019 Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur Network

  ABOUT THIS EPISODE WITH CATHERINE ORER: Today we are lucky to have Catherine Orer on the podcast. She is business and PR specialist focusing on artists and art business owners. She a fellow Canadian living and working in Quebec. After ...

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Ep.018 Marc Martin on Finding and Making the Work You Love

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Today I bring you illustrator and picture book maker Marc Martin all the way from Melbourne Australia. I talked to Marc about starting out as a designer and all the different things he tried in his quest to find work he ...

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Ep. 016-17 Mati McDonough and Christina Empocledes on Personal Finance for Artists

  ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Todays episode is all about personal finance for artists, why it’s so important and how to get a handle on your own financial situation. Luckily Mati Rose McDonough and Christina Empedocles, creators of Money ...

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Ep.015 Goal Setting For Artists

  ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Do you need to set goals, is there even any point? How do you choose and set goals you’ll actually stick with and achieve? I’m covering all that plus I’ll share my own experiences with goal setting ...

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Ep.14 Carole Epp on Ceramics and Finding a Way

ABOUT THIS EPISODE: Carole Epp is a ceramicist living and working in Saskatoon in Canada. After Finishing her masters in Australia she had to find clever ways to maintain access to the kilns and other equipment she needed to continue her ...

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Ep.013 How To Get The Most Out Of Your Art Education

  Today I have an episode for you with no guest, just me here! This episode is about getting the most out of your art education whether you’re in university, considering it, or already past that stage but realizing theres more you need to ...

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Ep.012 Alex Beriault on Working in Performance and Installation Art

  ABOUT ALEX BERIAULT: Today i’m interviewing Alex Beriault who is a performance and installation artist. I was really keen to interview her because I can only imagine that an art practice centered on performance and installation art would ...

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Ep.011 Dina Brodsky- Realist Miniature Painter

DINA BRODSKY Dina Brodsky is a painter living and working in New York city. She makes beautiful and highly detailed miniatures 8” square all the way down to 2” square. If you follow her on Instagram you will have also been enjoying glimpses of ...

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Ep.010 Michael Peterson on Building an Art Community

  ABOUT MICHAEL PETERSON: Michael Peterson is from Saskatoon here in Canada, where he runs his own gallery, the only printmaking studio in the city, and a radio show about art and artists. He is also on the boards of many art organizations ...

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Ep.009 Eva Magill-Oliver On The Winding Road To Self Employed Artist

  Today I bring you an interview with Eva McGill Oliver an artist currently based in Atlanta Georgia and working in abstract painting and paper collage. We talked about collaborations, galleries, Instagram, and the long road to finding your ...

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