Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur on the Art Pro Podcast

Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur



Today we are lucky to have Catherine Orer on the podcast. She is business and PR specialist focusing on artists and art business owners. She a fellow Canadian living and working in Quebec. After studying marketing and working in the corporate world Catherine turned her talents in a more creative and interesting direction by studying the business of art at Christies in Paris, and then back in Canada, working for galleries, international art fairs and eventually opening her current business the Artist Entrepreneur to help artists directly. She’s not an artist herself but she brings the best of her pragmatic business mindset and marketing expertise to help artists improve and grow their businesses. And today she’s sharing some seriously important insights with us! She also extended some great free bonus offers for podcast listeners such as yourself so keep scrolling to check those out!




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Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur on the Art Pro Podcast talking about starting and growing your art business

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Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur on the Art Pro Podcast talking about starting and growing your art business

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-Other people expect to be paid for their work, and to pay for the work of others. Just because artists enjoy their work doesn’t mean they shouldn’t get paid for it. Even if your talents are a gift they’re still a gift you had to work long and hard to develop.

-Making a business out of your art is not easy but it is possible

-The good news is that today you have so manny different options and opportunities

-The very first step is to think about what you want out of your business. What kind of art do you want to be making and selling? To who? Where and how? If you don’t have a clear vision of what you want your art business to become

-Whenever you evaluate advice about your art business, ask yourself whether the advice actually applies to you and to the art world. The art market is a different creature than the market for the usual consumer goods


  • Art and business don’t mix well
  • Selling is sleazy and pushy
  • It’s not the artists role to sell
  • Being ‘discovered’ by a gallery is the way to have a career
  • If you build it they will come

-If you’re plan is to be ‘discovered’ by a gallery and then all your worries are over, think again, even if you do want to work with galleries you will till need to sell them on the idea of working wit you, and they will still expect you to be doing your share in promotion.

-Galleries will more and more be considering factors such as your social media following, your website, and your messaging and communication about your work. They already look for a sales history and existing collectors in most cases.

-Theres nothing wrong with selling if its done in a meaningful and authentic way. you’re not trying to trick or bully people into buying from you. You’re trying to communicate the value of your work to as many people as possible so that people have the opportunity to see like and buy your work if they want to.

-We all spend money and buy things. You probably feel perfectly happy when someone markets a product, you see it, and you wonder how you ever lived without it. To you think the person or company who sells that product is pushy or sleazy? No! You love them because it turns out you love their product and you’re glad they let you find out about it so you could buy it.

-When in doubt, follow up. Always follow up.

-The number one reason why people why people are interested but don’t buy, isn’t the price. It’s procrastination! Even if people like and want to buy your work, its not their job to track you down and make sure the sale happens. People are busy, they get distracted, they get 20 or 50 emails a day. It’s your job to follow up if you talk to someone about your art. Worst case scenario nothing happens or they aren’t interested. But the other half of the time, they’re glad to hear from you.

-Learning about sales is essential because its up to you to lead the sales process and promote your work.

-Mindset is so important! You can have the best strategy on paper but if you have the mindset that it will never work for you then you wont actually take action and you wont get the results. However if you stop hoping for a lucky break and DECIDE that you are going to find success come hell or high water, you will. Its just a matter of time.

-Ideally you want to have multiple streams of income as an artist. However, in order to make real progress you have to focus on one thing at a time until success. Only then start working on the second thing.

-The 80/20 rule applies to artists too. The rule says that 80% of results will come from 20% of efforts. Meanwhile 80% of your efforts are only producing 20% of your results. This rule seems to apply in all kinds of different forms to all kinds of things. In this case it means its worthwhile to figure out what activities really move the needle. Then you do more of whats most productive and less of whats not. Catherine gives the example of blogging with the goal of growing an email list. Many artists spend the time and energy writing posts and then feel frustrated when no one reads them. If this is you, don’t just try harder. Work smarter instead. Getting people to read your posts is what will move the needle, so more effort is required to promote them not to write more of them.

-Figure out and start with the thing thats actually going to make the biggest difference and do that. Don’t do the easiest thing first, or the most fun thing first, or even the thing you feel ready to do first. Do the most important thing that will make everything else easier or unnecessary.

-Do you ever think ‘I’m doing everything and I’m not getting anywhere!’. Maybe its because you’re doing everything. Figure out the one thing that will make the biggest difference and just do that one thing until you get the results you want.

-If your first goal is to start selling your work online, the first thing to work on is growing your list. To grow your list you need to work on growing your visibility, getting your name out there.

-If your first goal is to get into galleries, the first thing to do will be building your credibility or building your network. The art world can still be a pretty closed group. Getting to know people and finding ways to show them that you are a professional, committed, and accomplished artist will be important.

-Not everything will be fun or feel right when you’re doing it. You need to go outside of your comfort zone in order to grow and get better results. Think about how you’re going to feel about the result rather than how you feel when you’re taking the risks and putting yourself out there.

-It’s not easy to make a living selling art, but it is possible. Stop hoping and decide to make it happen. Make a decision to succeed come hell or high water. Get really clear on what you want, and then go out and find a way.

-You will regret the things you didn’t do more than the things you did.

-Surround yourself with like minded people. It’s a journey and it’s easier when you’re not alone.


Catherine Orer of The Artist Entrepreneur on the Art Pro Podcast talking about starting and growing your art business